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Size matters. It does!

Small breasts, or underdeveloped breasts are one of the top 10 reasons for many women to become depressed and low on their self esteem. Scientifically, the reasons could be more than one. Let us understand why some women remain deprived of their breast development

Scientifically Speaking...

"I was so dejected with myself

But thanks to Dr Monga Medi Clinic, that, I not only improved the size of my this part of body, but also found the much needed confidence to face the world."

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"My boyfriend dumped me for a bigger size!

Can you believe? Well, the rejection sent me into depression, until I found solution with Dr Monga's breast enlargement and personality enhancement programme."

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We have been helping women with under-developed breasts to find their happiness and confidence with enhanced size of their breasts and thereby overall improvement in their personality. We practice ethical Ayurveda and our treatments do not include surgery.

Dr Jyoti Monga Director & Chief Consultant, Dr Monga Medi Clinic

Our Treatment

We try to do it without getting you into the trouble of going through surgery. Our effective treatment programme includes easy-to-do indoor exercises, diet planning and Ayurvedic medicines. Till date, no side effect from any of our patients has been reported.

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