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Case Preface

He was a young gentleman with a brilliant look but in a depressed mode. His esteem was low as he was failing to establish a relationship with his wife and was sure mentally that he will not become fine again. He took one last chance to fight the problem and met us in our clinic.

Patient’s major points of concern

He was married for last 2 years and still facing the problem to hold it longer when in a relationship with his wife. He was in a complete distressed condition because of his ineligibility to give the needed pleasure to his wife which she deserves to get from him. family and friends all are having one question to the couple” when you will have the baby”?  Life was quite miserable for him as he was losing concentration in work and that affected badly his performance in last quarter.  The worst part is he missed his promotion because serious negligence at work, Things were not falling in place and he was completely irritated with his own self.  His wife was finding the situation quite painful to face the society. To overcome such situation he started skipping from home at night to avoid facing his wife.  Lastly they took a call and his wife accompanied him to the clinic for our advice and guidance in this regard….

Doctor’s observations

We recommended him to first control stress and anxiety as this can be one of the major reasons for this problem. We asked him to first undergo some medical test and get back to us with the reports, what best we observed is that he is having a supportive wife which we found as a positive sign in the case.

Dr’s advice

He underwent all recommended test and returned back to us.  We investigate the reports in depth and found he was facing the problem of premature ejaculation. We explain the concept of premature ejaculation (PE) which occurs when a man faces orgasm and expels semen faster after sexual activity making minimum penile stimulation. He was so worried. We said that improvement will come slowly and steadily if he follows our instructions. We suggested him some medication along with few changes in lifestyle and food habits. We asked him to be stress-free and be happy. We recommended a repeat visit after 3 months.

Case Outcome

The patient followed our prescriptions and advice religiously. And, soon he reported positive changes.

Few weeeks back we got the news that he was blessed with a healthy baby.

We did not do any magic! Solution to any health problem is as much in the hands of patients as they think is in the hands of doctors.  Doctor can only guide you to overcome your problem.  But, it is only you who can help yourself.

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DISCLAIMER:  These are actual case studies of the patients who have been treated by us.  For the sake of anonimity, the names etc., have been withheld.  Pictures used are only for graphical respresentation with no copyright violation intended.